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The 101 Percent Principle - Applied to Spending

In many relationships, there is typically a saver and a spender. The saver is typically the

person who is the nerd who likes numbers enough to set the monthly budget. There is also a spender, who is then the free spirit, hates the budgeting process, and prefers to specialize in spending in order for the nerd to have the data to create the budget.

In the Ramsey scenario, these two people should meet once a month to set up the next month's budget. The real trick is when the couple is having their monthly budget meeting - the Ramsey requirement is that the free spirit change something, anything, to have a say in setting the monthly budget.

At this point, the two independent individuals should enact the 101 Percent Principle - Find the 1 percent that we agree on and give 100% of our effort. (Note: Do not spend 101% of what is in the budget. Why not? Because 100% of those occasions will eventually lead to trouble.)

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