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The Best Investment Ever (and it Involves More than Money)

We are addressing People Principles in John Maxwell’s book, Winning with People. At this point, those that learn these principles can answer the questions from the first threes sections of the book:

Readiness: Are we prepared for relationships?

Connection: Are we willing to focus on others?

Trust: Can we build mutual trust?

Completing these previous sections may help one to feel pretty good relationally. Now we

consider what it means to invest in a relationship? Why is this important? Because everything else that has been created up to this point will still crumble, end, or not go with you forever. Health will fail; and others will surpass. What’s left? The people and relationships that you have. I have attended several Maxwell Certification Events. I think it was the second one that this crazy thing happened. As alumni, we often help lead tables of newbies. As alumni, we have invested in the next level beyond the initial certification; and it is called mentorship. As a certified member, there is no question as to the initial value of the experience; but to go the next step takes a little stronger commitment - personally, and financially. I experienced, more than once, where someone else invested in another person so they would go to the next level. This is typically a several thousand dollar investment. And it is made so that someone else moves forward.

One thing I know for sure, once you get to know people; and you invest in them, that will pay dividends going forward.

We’ll be looking at five ways to invest in people as we go forward. Hope you stay with me! This is where it really gets good!

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