The Joy of Reading

I am a reader. I love to read. Reading is a way to improve our minds or provides a way to go on adventures. I am one of those who read actual physical books. I pick a quiet spot and

bring my tea, iced or hot depending on the season.

As a rule…

I read books to improve my mind which in turn improves my life and my relationships with others.

Have you read Florence Littauer's SILVER BOXES The Gift of Encouragement? Florence relates how our words influence others. The encouraging and uplifting words can be placed in a Silver Box to be pulled out in times of discouragement.

My daughter was so impressed with the book that she hand-made me a Silver Box and included a note that it was a place to put my “cool memories” in.

When my kids were younger I would assign reading lists. They could read what I called a “brain candy” book for every three books read from the list. A brain candy book is a book read for the sheer pleasure of reading. I need, as I think a number of you do too, to read a brain candy book every now and then. A book you've read so many times that it's falling apart from all the times you've read it. Yes, that is some of my books.

A few of my favorites…

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austin, THE WRINKLE IN TIME trio by Madeline L'Engle, THE DREAM THIEF by Stephen Lawhead (who actually lived in Lincoln NE at one time) and THE SOUTHERN SISTERS MYSTERY Series, a set of 8, by Anne Georges are a few of my favorites.

I was introduced to the Southern Sisters while in and out of the hospital with my husband. The setting is Birmingham Alabama and features Patricia Ann, a recently retired school teacher, and her sister Mary Alice who is quite the character. The series features such titles as MURDER ON A GIRL'S NIGHT OUT, MURDER ON A BAD HAIR DAY and MURDER BOOGIES WITH ELVIS.

Did you know there is a Star Wars MASH set, MEDSTAR I Battle Surgeons and MEDSTAR II Jedi Healer by Michael Reeves and Steve Perry?

Reading books applies to the balance of life.

We need to work to provide and improve ourselves which in turn sets an example and helps those around us.

We need to, also, take time to enjoy life and those around us.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to do this for those working on becoming debt free.

  • Make sandwiches and go watch the sunset.

  • Sidewalk chalk is not only for children.

  • When was the last time you went outside and blew bubbles? It can become a science experiment by watching the bubbles float on the wind currents. In the winter, it's interesting to see the bubbles freeze.

  • Check if there are any free outside concerts.

  • Lincoln NE has First Fridays of the month where you can visit Downtown art galleries for free.

  • Here's a two for, ride a bike or walk to the library for a book. You will be on a journey to enjoy life and improve your mind whether for growth or for adventure.

If you are wanting more ideas on how to become debt free - or just a few more great reads, send me an email -

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