The Tale of Two Industries

Direct Sales/Multi Level Marketing & Self Education Courses

I was involved in a couple events a few weeks ago. They were both very similar and yet, at the same time, both very different.

Both events were international.

I talked with people from Jamaica, South Africa, and Lebanon. I met Cindy from Georgia and had a nice chat with her in one of the breakout rooms. All of us had the same goal, to learn from the best in the industry and to grow ourselves.

Both events involved leaders from Multi Billion dollar industries.

Yes. You read that right - Billion dollar industries. I was familiar with one of the industries, Direct Sales/Multi Level Marketing, having been involved in one for over 16 years.

Self Education was new to me.

The other industry was Self Education. For those who are also unfamiliar, it involves the courses you see for sale online or on TV. The webinars you watch on line or the seminars you can attend, such as Live2Lead (in October), are a few other examples. Each one is to help you learn something, whether for personal or business growth.

I have been working on self education for years because I wanted to be the best me I could be for those close to me and the other lives I touch. I now can put an official title to these studies.

Russell Brunson was one of the speakers at the Self Education event. His first course was, are you nerds ready for this....... How to Build a Potato Gun. Russell went on to produce other courses after that.

Lest you think, 'I could never do that' …

Russell shared video clips of his first course and speaking engagements. Needless to say, he's come a long way. They were so funny, the host could be heard laughing in the background. Russell showed us where we could go and what we could do if we persevere and don't give up.

Here are the basics for both industries:

  1. Both are Multi Billion dollar industries.

  2. Both have leaders that started with nothing and became wealthy. They are your guides. I was impressed by the number of servant leaders and their generosity in both industries.

  3. You have to start. Stop waiting to get good. You don't become good unless you start and keep going.

  4. You have to believe in yourself and also that you are created for more. You have something that others need. You don't gain confidence unless you are constantly doing something.

  5. Invest in yourself. Both industries don't suggest but tell you point blank “Get a Coach”. I personally know the truth of this one. Leadership Harbor has coaches for different areas of life: Leadership (whether for youth or adults); Business; Financial; and Wellness; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; and Serving Veterans in Transition.

Don’t dismiss those serving in these industries.

There are those who tend to dismiss both industries. This is sad for a number of reasons. These Network Marketers/Direct Sellers and Self Educators will probably need your services at some point. They need insurance, CPAs, Bookkeepers, Financial Advisers, and Lawyers to name a few. Plus, they could easily be the connection to your next client. This could be said with anyone you meet though.

Another reason not to dismiss them is that you yourself might be needing extra money to get out of debt or some other financial goal.

I was amazed at the various Self Education courses out there and how popular a number of them are. Want to learn to paint, to become a better leader, grow your business, digital marketing, or how to do Social media. There is a course for you.

It, again, is a Multi Billion dollar industry, and it's growing everyday.

We all are good to great at something.

You probably have a Self Education course in you that others need and are willing to purchase. We all know someone in Direct Sales. Are you aware that with every purchase from a local Marketer, you are adding to the local economy?

There is a lot to learn from the leaders in the Direct Sales/Multi Level Marketing and Self Education industries no matter what business you're in. Both are focused on growth, personal and business. How can one go wrong with that focus?

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