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They’re Thirsty!

I was recently on a trip with my family and the reminders several times as we went out and heard an “I’m thirsty” from the back seat made me think. I’ve shared before, when I was growing up our family would often take a summer vacation to somewhere in Colorado. We’d explore, play, hang out and most importantly build memories. Fast forward to present day and I’m in the front seat, my youngest says ‘I’m thirsty’ and the reply ‘did you bring your water bottle’ made me wonder - was I ever thirsty as a kid, did I have a water bottle to bring or did we just get drinks when we stopped?

As we all unpack from our summer adventures, whether on a plane, in a car, across state lines or just down the road I hope you’ve built some memories with family and friends. Now it’s time to pack another bag — the backpacks and lunch bags. How we make a transition from Summer to a new School Year is important for each family, especially our youth. Every new school year brings with it a lot of emotions (happy, sad and everything in between. It also brings opportunity.

Opportunity for new friendships, learning new things in classes, a clean start for some and so much more. What are some routines you can put into place as a family or for your youth? What about intentional practices?

As you prepare let me make a few suggestions:

  • Are there any conversations you should/need to have with your youth? What are the expectations that need to be set or revisited?

  • Is this a milestone year (moving from one school to another, elementary to middle or middle to high), if so how can you help your youth be set up for success? Many (although they may not say it) experience some anxiety making these transitions.

  • What goals do those in your family have - you? your youth? the family?

  • And what steps will you, they, the family intentionally take to work towards them?

  • What memories do you want to build as a family this year? Make a plan and go for it (even if it means taking them out of a few days of school for some epic adventure).

I love what I get to do. From the family vacation, to the smaller opportunities to create memories while at home. I love getting to add value to youth and families by helping them get intentional with; • identifying & pursuing their goals, • understanding their wiring, why & values, • being their leadership Coach as they navigate their journey.

Your youth is still in the back seat and many of them are “thirsty” - do they have a water bottle? Make sure they’re equipped with the tools and resources they need to be the leaders they are as you jump from summer into school year mode. If I can ever be of any help in this area please reach out.

Make it a great day,


P.S. Remember although things are different for youth today than when you and I were in school, we can and should still remind our youth that we’re there for them.

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