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Treat Your Money Better; and it Will Treat You Better

I have known people who consider themselves to be personal finance coaches, only to

discover that they only know how to live their life and their limiting belief options and not understand others’ position and dreams. There are three roads in which one may travel: the low road, the middle road, and the high road.

  • The low road - where we treat others worse than they treat us

  • The middle road - where we treat others that same as they treat us

  • The high road - where we treat others better than they treat us

The low road financial coach decides which expenses are acceptable, and which are frivolous and makes sure to tell you which of your choices are unacceptable.

The middle road financial coach helps you to live the choices they would make. While they may not outwardly judge you, they will not address choices that come from choices they do not live.

The high road financial coach understands your income, your expenses and adds value to attention towards being prepared for emergencies with appropriate savings and how to get out of debt so you do not become a slave to others through what you owe. Most emergencies can be prepared for - we do know that a car will requires more than gas and oil - things will wear out. Additionally, the washer, the dryer, the refrigerator - they do not last forever. Estimate how long they will last and set up a sinking fund to cover things like this.

If you’d like some assistance, set up a complementary discovery session.

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