Understand the Basic Terms

When I was little, my dad would say things while we were on the boat that I really didn’t

understand. Things like, “prepare to come about,” or, “we’re on a starboard tack,” and my favorite, “all hands on deck!” None of these phrases really made any sense to me, and as a kid I spent most of my time looking out into the water and daydreaming about what lay beneath the waves.

Now, having possession of the sailboat, I wish I would have paid more attention to what these terms mean! I’ve learned that it is pointless to try to operate something when you don’t have knowledge of the terminology of its mechanics. That’s like trying to play a basketball game without knowing any of the rules. So step 1 for me in Sailing 101 class, before taking the boat anywhere near the water, was ground school. AKA, learning sailing terms.

How many other areas in life does this approach apply to? How many other places to we dive in, head first, without really knowing what we are doing, without having researched the full terminology ahead of time? Has anyone been hit with a “prepare to come about” scenario–not fully understanding what something means…and getting hit in the head by the mast because really, “coming about” just means the boat is turning and you need to duck?

In my “ground school” class, lesson 10 said “Be Prepared”, (which I thought could have been better placed at #1, but I digress). What can we do as parents to Be Prepared for our parenting journeys? We can learn about the terminology–or the wiring of our children. We can learn about our values. We can work on deepening our understanding of ourselves so that we are more able to give to our children. There is much that we can do, and Leadership Harbor is here for you every step of the way.