Vacation Smacation

My friend, Susie, sat in the chair across from me sipping an iced tea and looking quite relaxed. So relaxed and content in fact, that I just had to comment on it. “You look incredibly relaxed and content right now,” I said, and then sat back and waited for her response. “I’m on vacation! I’m packed and my flight leaves this afternoon. I’m escaping my crazy work life for a whole week!”

She went on to complain about how much she hates doing what she’s doing. Her boss is nice and the office atmosphere is good, but she feels unsatisfied and like she’s stuck. She just isn’t doing what she always thought she’d do.

If you know me, you know my “coach/thinking parter” mode kicked in. I asked what she would be doing if she could do anything she wanted. She knew, without any additional prompting - Susie wanted to teach children. That is what she had gone to college for - teaching. She just never got into the