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Veteran's Struggle

Every day Veterans are struggling to find their purpose, their place in the civilian world.

Why is that? To the average civilian one might think it's just another person in society struggling to do something with their life. But to those who have served, it's a blatant sign that the veteran needs help. Regardless of what branch you served in at the end of the day, we are all on the same team, which is why you will always see veterans standing up for other vets in a heartbeat.

How can a civilian recognize a struggling veteran?

There are several things one could notice right off the bat. How is their demeanor? Are they social and engaging or are they loner and isolated? Are they consuming an abundance of alcohol? To you, that would look like just another drunk to me that looks like someone trying their best to forget things or numb the pain. Are they homeless? Do they have a safe place to stay? Listen the struggle is real, and there could be hundreds of reasons a veteran is struggling; just be an outlet and make yourself available to talk if they need it.

How to make a veteran smile!

Veterans are relatively simple to deal with; offer one a cup of coffee and a conversation, and you will make that Veterans day. A simple conversation can talk one down from a dark ledge. There are many foundations out there that are specifically designed to help struggling veterans the sad thing about that is Veterans don’t know about most of them. It's up to you as a civilian to reach out and start the process because I can say firsthand that we as veterans are stubborn and don’t like to ask for help.

Lastly is suicide!

22 veterans a day commit suicide; this is not ok. The fact that they thought it was the only way out is tragic. We need to do better; if you see something say something. Get them in contact with the suicide hotline or another brother or sister who has served!

National Hotline

Main Number: 800-273-8255

TEXT : 988

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