What To Do With A Bully

Whether on the school playground, the break room, or somewhere online we’ve all felt that situation where something was said or done to us or someone around us…a bully has entered the vicinity. How did you feel the last time you were there?

Have you been bullied?

Have you been a bully?

Don’t worry, no judgment on how you answered either of those questions. It’s likely you and I have been in both roles, even if a minor role, at least once in our journey. Let’s be honest, being on the giving or receiving side is not pleasant. So, what do we do? How do we handle a bully?

My friend and mentor, John Maxwell often says “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” When we apply that to bullying it means we’ve got work to do.

We shouldn’t kick a bully to the curb.

We shouldn’t, if we’re being bullied, just bottle it up.

So what is the uphill work we need to put in so we know what to do with a bully? You’re already doing the first thing by engaging in this blog. Our next best step is to continue a conversation with those around us. Either enter in where conversation is happening or start the dialogue yourself.

Talking about bullying, or really anything is a key step in finding solutions. But, we also need to LISTEN. Listen to ourselves, to those around us, and how we can engage. When we pause to think through how to “handle” a bully I’m confident we’ll find solutions to do better and be better.

Leadership Harbor provides an opportunity for these conversations through our CALM Workshops. An opportunity to learn steps to talk, listen and take steps, by learning a protocol that helps everyone in our community. Learning how to become and stay calm in tough situations will empower us to change lives - including our own.

So, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to begin (or continue) the uphill climb to dealing with bullying in your community. Learn more about Leadership Harbor’s CALM training (www.leadershipharbor.com/calm) today. We would love to be a part of your conversation towards transformation in the area of “how to deal with a bully.” While you’re learning more, check out what my friends over at Longoria’s in Lincoln, NE are doing to raise awareness next month on this exact topic.

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