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What Traps Are Holding Them Back?

Does your youth or teen have a plan for their personal growth? Do You?

We can all probably admit having a plan is a good idea if we want to go anywhere. Whether or not you or they have a plan (yet) or not it’s important to recognize Growth doesn’t just happen.

We need to have a bit of intentionality and we can get further, faster if we learn to identify what is known as “Growth Traps”.

Last week we talked about two and here are two more that may help your youth (and you) -

First is the Inspiration Gap. This is the “I don’t feel like doing it.” Honestly, there are days for youth - and all of us where we just don’t feel like it. Those, especially are the days we need to remind them to remember their why - why do I want to grow? Jumping out of bed, digging down, and finding some inspiration will help keep the focus on growth.

The second is the Comparison Gap. Again the voice in their head says “Someone is better than I am.” Yes, it’s true, there is always someone better. What I’ve been sharing with my clients caught here is a challenge to think about what can you learn from those in front of you?

Whatever the growth traps are that may be holding back the youth in your life (or you) I’d love to help unpack and create a plan for their personal growth. Book a Complimentary Discovery Session with me today - together we’ll make a plan and get them (or you) on track before we hit the New Year!

Make it a Great Day, Chris

P.S. Around here it's Global Youth Initiative (GYI) Month and that means some complimentary youth leadership things - including "Growth; It Doesn't Just Happen" a virtual opportunity for Middle/High School Youth - Invite them to Register Now!

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