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Why Leading Others Starts Within

I have often heard John Maxwell say that we must first lead ourselves before we can lead others. It’s one of the core principles Leadership Harbor coaches live and teach.

A couple of weeks back, I discussed the relationship return on coaching. I focused on the

concept of your relationship with yourself. Your personal confidence and worthiness have a direct correlation to your depth of relationship with others. It also has a direct correlation to your successes.

Do you want to become a better friend? Significant other? Employee? Boss? Or maybe you want to go after a certain guy or gal, or a new position at work?

Guess what? You already have what it takes, you might just have to get unstuck about your BS (belief systems people…. Tsk tsk). Get out of your negative mindset about yourself and your abilities.

Leadership is influence. Begin with how you influence yourself.

Leadership Harbor coaches empower you to realize your potential with confidence and influence. What’s stopping you from growing your confidence or seeing your worthiness? Let’s talk.

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