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Your First Love

Do you remember your first “love of our life” break up? One of my 5-year old granddaughters has had a boyfriend already. They broke up because he wanted her to follow him around on the playground, but she didn’t want to do that. Lol. Reminded me of

my first girlfriend. It was also when I was in kindergarten. I was a lot smoother…..I remember walking around the playground, holding hands…it was special…now, if I just remembered her name. LOL. I know these are simple situations, but there are situations that are not so simple.

Consider the abusive relationship. Especially, where one abuses the other mentally, and even physically to manipulate and control the other, often to the point of believing that they could not find someone else that would treat them the way they actually deserve to be treated.

It makes me quite sad. Not so much for me, but for them. They have never learned to believe that they are worthy. Worthy of real love, real friendship, and being valued for who they are as they are. Let’s leave with this absolute truth: You are worthy of LOVE. If you struggle here, let’s chat. Pick the female or male Leadership Harbor Coach that you want to hear that from.

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