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Leadershifting - an ability and willingness to make a leadership change that will positively enhance personal and organizational growth.  Some may refer to it as a Pivot - yet it is more than that. 

Are you wanting more positivity in your life?  With your team? In your business?

Are you wanting some positive organizational changes to take your business to the next level? 

John Maxwell says: "You must first learn to lead yourself before you learn to lead others." 

Personal growth for yourself and your team will develop you as a leader.  That growth unlocks potential in you, your teammates and your business.  

Let's do some LeaderShifting together! 

Masterminds are Forming: 

For Individuals - ​

For Teams - Call or email to discuss how your team could participate together in a Team Mastermind Group.  1 hour sessions weekly for 5 weeks.  Can be virtually or we can come to you.  Many of the best ideas come out and a unified team emerges - greater trust, greater potential.


Use Leadershift as the backdrop to your Coaching experience.

  • Individual & Group (2-3 Principals/Partners) 

  • 12, 1-Hour Sessions, Includes Book and Guidebook

If you would like to know more or have questions please email

Current High School Jr/Sr's don't miss our Grad Shift Workshop Package as you prepare for your next step beyond High School.

• Make the shift from soloist to conductor

• Move from being goal-oriented to growth-oriented. 

• Develop strategies for progressive and innovative leadership. 

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