Think tanks

John Maxwell says, “Who you learn from is as important as what you learn.” So…what are you learning and from whom?

At Leadership Harbor, we know it can be hard to make time to continue to grow and learn as a professional - that’s why we’ve created Think Tank Groups. This is a mastermind group opportunity on steroids! Learn better leadership for yourself and others, get and share ideas, problem solve challenges, and gain intentional growth.


Gather for:

  • Networking—Talk, exchange tips, tricks, challenges, and successes.

  • Leadership Development—A different topic each month, with material provided by your leadership coach.

  • Peer Sharing—Share your challenges or hone ideas in a confidential, supportive group of people you get to know and trust.

Groups form with eight to 10 individuals by topic (small business, marketing, selling, etc.) or by profession (Realtors, bankers, pastors, youth directors, sales, managers, executive directors, etc.).

To build trust and value in the group, there is a minimum commitment of six months. When you commit to 12 months, you get two months free! Each group meets monthly for two hours.

Purchase Options:

  • $300 for 6 months 

  • $500 for 12 months - That's two months free! Can be paid in one installment or two ($250 month 1 and $250 in month 3)

Current Think Tanks

Youth/YA Ministry Lincoln - meets on the 4th Thursday 9:30-11:30 AM

Youth/YA Ministry Omaha - Group forming now


Marketing Ideas - meets on the 1st Wednesday 8:00-10:00 AM

Pastors - Group forming now - online or in person

Join a Think Tank today and unlock your potential quickly. 


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