Think tanks

John Maxwell says, “Who you learn from is as important as what you learn.”

So…what are you learning?  And from whom?

It is not always easy to make time for continued growth personally or professionally.  What if growth could come to you at your desk or on your phone twice a month and be catered to exactly what you need to unlock the challenges and obstacles facing you and/or your business?  Welcome to Think Tanks!


Problem solved!

  • Networking - Talk, exchange tips, tricks, challenges, and successes.

  • Leadership Development - A different topic each time, with material provided by your Leadership Coach/Thinking Partner.

  • Peer Sharing - Share your challenges or hone ideas in a confidential, supportive group of people you get to know and trust.

Groups form with a max of 10-12 individuals and meet twice monthly.  

Each 1 hour call will be recorded/archived so you can listen back if you miss a week.

And the cost? 24 Think Tanks over 12 months for only $360.  That is $15/hour of group coaching for you specifically tailored to your needs.

Want to Invite specific people to be a part of your Think Tank?  Or know someone that would find value in a Think Tank Group? Here is a Special Invite to sweeten their deal and make you the hero.  Download Referral Certificate!

Click below to learn about the various Think Tanks forming now. 

Join a Think Tank today and unlock your potential beginning NOW!

• $360 for your annual Think Tank Membership.

• Or make two payments of $200 - one now and the one at the beginning of the 4th month. 

Or package with Coaching in our Captian's Club.

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