What if  

  • You could be unstoppable when it comes to your personal growth? 

  • Your leadership at home and work was unstoppable?  

  • You had a plan for significance in 2021? 


Leaders are needed more than ever! And it is a new breed of leadership required. 

Today, we need to be Unstoppable Leaders! 


Unstoppable, as in is impossible to stop.

The Unstoppable leader

  • listens to and learns from others

  • takes time to invest in themselves

  • learns from every failure. 

This makes you Determined, Focused and Uncompromising.  It makes them Unstoppable.  


John Maxwell is known for saying “Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”  


What will it be like for those who know you -  your family,  friends, colleagues, even the person looking back at you in the mirror - to see you rise to the occasion set before you?  To be a Leader in your community?  To be unstoppable in your leadership?  


It is difficult to make time for continued growth personally or professionally.  It is difficult to take a stand to invest in you and those you are leading.  Yet you know the things worth having and pursuing are never easy - so be the Unstoppable Leader. 


Change begins with one.  Be an Unstoppable Leader in 2021!


Join an Unstoppable Leader Think Tank today and take your leadership to the next level. 


  • Leadership Development - each time a different topic, building to help you be an unstoppable leader, with material provided by your Leadership Coach/Thinking Partner.

  • Group Coaching - asking the tough questions and finding the answers for exactly what you need

  • Networking - everyone has something to offer.  Talk, exchange tips, tricks, successes, what has worked for you. 

  • Peer Sharing - Share your challenges or hone ideas in a confidential, supportive group of people you get to know and trust. 


The Unstoppable Leader will take you through four key components over the course of a year.  

  • Knowing Your Story & Choosing A Life That Matters

  • Progressive & Innovative Leadership - Moving from Goal to Growth-oriented  

  • Attracting, Developing & Multiplying - Everyone wins when you develop leaders  

  • Anyone, Anywhere can make a difference, go change your world!


Groups form regularly (maximum 12 individuals) and meet twice monthly online. 

Each 1 hour call is recorded/archived on a private group page, so you can listen back if you miss a week.  

Become an Unstoppable Leader today! Join a Think Tank and unlock your potential beginning NOW!

Your Investment?

24 Think Tanks over 12 months for only $360. 

That is $15/hour of group coaching for you - specifically tailored to your needs. 

• $360 for your annual Unstoppable Leader Think Tank Membership.

• Or make two payments of $200 - one now and the one at the beginning of the 4th month. 

Up your game and package with Coaching in our Captain's Club.

Unstoppable Think Tanks: 

1st & 3rd Monday's 7-8 PM 

1st & 3rd Tuesday's 11AM -12 PM

2nd & 4th Thursday's 10-11 AM


 Don't see a group that works for you, let us know we're always looking to form more. 

Unstoppable Leader for Youth through our Crew Club. 

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