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Personal Development

We offer a variety of workshops to give you opportunities to grow in areas of leadership and growth. Half-day, full-day, and even customized to your business or organization needs - just contact us today to talk about how we can serve you/your team. 

Discovering Your Potential In Transition ($149)

Have you ever felt you were missing something in your life?

Have you felt unproductive in your job or maybe like the tail is wagging the dog in your personal life? Are you moving into a transition time in your life, perhaps

  • Going to college or deciding on a career or maybe looking at the possibility of a new job?

  • Becoming an empty nester, and you’re wondering what you’ll do now that your job of raising your children is done?

  • Thinking about retirement, but it’s scary or you don’t know what to do with your time?

Parenting & Family(Varies)

Our Parenting & Family Certified Coaches offer a couple of Workshops for Parents and Families alike.  Check our ​Parent & Family Page and upcoming workshop list for specifics. 

Maxwell Method of Coaching ($197)

Discover powerful skills to dramatically improve your ability to influence those you lead to greater results in their business and personal lives. This workshop will equip you with both the knowledge and the skills to:

Learn the skill of coaching to build better relationships with those you lead.

Coach others to success rather than tell them what to do.

Empower others to sharpen their ability to solve problems and achieve results.

Note: This is NOT certification in coaching. This is applying the method of coaching in your leadership.

Maxwell Method of Speaking ($197)

Whether you are making a 15-minute presentation or an hour-long keynote, your ability to connect and communicate is essential to effectively get your audience to take action and move forward. We’ll talk about the critical keys to success when it comes to influencing and impacting people. Join our Speakers Club for biweekly training, live speaking critiques, and more.

Communication ($149)

Communication issues with your spouse, kids, team members at work?  Sure, we all have them.  Raising your voice isn't the answer.  And getting frustrated isn't acceptable either.    It is the communicator's responsibility to communicate, and it is the listener's job to listen.   Therefore, a better option is to learn the skill of communicating in a manner that your intended recipient hears you and really understands you.   We all have a certain "wiring" for communication.  The Maxwell method of DISC helps to understand communication better.  Learn to speak a person's DISC language.  This will benefit you at work, home and in the community.

CALM (Free)

Suicide & Bullying Prevention

We all need to have an awareness and be prepared for Suicide & Bullying Prevention.  Our CALM workshop/keynote is available for all ages and a variety of environments.  We are ready to provide you with the tools to help prevent suicide in your community.  Partnership/Sponsorship opportunities available in order to continue to offer this resource for free.  Please contact us for specifics in this area. 

Budgeting ($99)

Most people struggle with money because they don’t want to talk about it. People don’t want to feel vulnerable or questioned about why they are spending money the way they are. What better way to talk about budgeting and debt reduction than through the lens of someone else’s experience? Meet with our coach to do a deep dive into how his first budget was created, the transformation it has made, and how it allowed his family to clear over $40,000 of debt in 3 years. Dissect someone else’s financial life and see if you can take some things away to apply to your own. 

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Upcoming Workshops 

No public scheduled workshops currently.

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