Young Adults

As a Young Adult, you are at a key stage in your life.  

• Do you know what you're called to do & be? 

• Do you know your goals, your dreams?  Not your parents' goals & dreams for you. 

"You have to know yourself to grow yourself"

We will help you Be and Become more than you imagine you can "someday".  Make your "someday" happen sooner! 


Avoid "The 7 Key Mistakes 17-20-year-olds make"

Here are a few of the most popular you will find add value to you as a young adult;

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Coaching is one of the best ways to attain your goals, pursue your dreams, and unlock your potential faster than you could on your own.

Learn more and get your Coaching consultation today. 

If you would like more information or have questions on any of our Young Adult offerings email: today.

"I have found Coaching to help me find out more about myself and help me improve my everyday life." 

- Young Adult Client -

J - Term

GAP J-Term is designed specifically those young adult college-age who are on a break between semesters.  Be Intentional with your break and invest in yourself.  The 20/21 J-Term will give you an opportunity to develop yourself and work on goal setting for the coming semester or year.  

Class of

GAP Year In The Harbor is designed specifically for the most recent high school graduating class.  We're working on a great GAP Program for those from Class of 2021 who are burned out on school, planning to defer the start of college, trade/tech school, or just need an intentional year to plan for the next step.  Watch for Registration early '21.

Age 19-24

GAP Year Out To Sea is designed for the 19-24 year old planning an intentional year 'off'.  Whether you've started college and need a break, have your Gen-Ed's done but are still unsure of what to study/major in, or anything else that brings you to needing some focused time to unpack your purpose we want you to consider your Gap Year with us. Watch for Registration early '21

Many of Leadership Harbor's offerings could be appropriate for you the Young Adult.  If you're struggling to find "the right fit" reach out - we're here to add value to you and will gladly help you find a plan that matches your needs for achieving your goals and dreams.  

Information will be coming soon on Harbor J-Term, an opportunity to join some young adult peers for a 4-week intensive Leadership growth course between semesters.

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