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Young Adult

“Youth are not the generation of tomorrow; they are the generation of today!”     - John C. Maxwell - 

We at Leadership Harbor value youth & young adults and are passionate about investing in, empowering and equipping them to be the leaders they're called to be.  


Just as it does for adults, Coaching for youth can unlock potential and be beneficial to youth.  Clients always drive the agenda in Coaching appointments but consider how Coaching may benefit youth in areas like school, determining their values and wiring, planning for after graduation, unpacking their passions and connecting them with plans for a career.  

Coaching for our Youth clients gives them a space to work through the challenges in their life with accountability from their Coach.  At the end of the day, most of what Leadership Harbor offers can benefit a young person.  They find value in Workshops, DISC profiles, Masterminds and more.  

Our Crew Club is an opportunity for youth, young adults

or their parents who really want to have a buffet of options 

to unlock their leadership potential.  So, sign up for some

Coaching, a Workshop or Mastermind or go all-in with 

Crew Club. 

Transformational Youth Team (TYT) 

“Everything Rises & Falls With Leadership” - John C Maxwell

  The Transformational Youth Team is an opportunity with the goal of helping teenagers learn leadership values and teaching them how to apply them to their own lives.  In order to transform their community. 

We're launching TYT with a focus on some great youth from Lux Middle School at Scooters Coffeehouse (84/Van Dorn).  

If you are a Youth, or you know a Youth who are interested should contact  

The TYT meets monthly for their own Leadership Growth and time to plan/implement their Leadership in the community.  

Global Youth Initiative (GYI) 

Equipping Tomorrow's Leaders Today! 


In 2017, the John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative was launched! Certified John Maxwell Team members from all around the world, hosted FREE events to equip youth with skills they need to serve as leaders in all areas of their lives.

During April and October each year, John Maxwell Team Members host youth leadership events all over the world.  Leadership Harbor Coaches are proud to participate in this twice a year initiative.  These events were free and open to all children and youth groups, ages 8-18.  

The Global Youth Initiative continues to inspire change and initiate transformation in communities across the globe.  Do you want to be a part of the movement?  Contact us to learn more.  And be sure to watch for info prior to each April & October for events we'll be doing throughout our communities.  

The Leadership Game for teens 

Equipping Tomorrow's Leaders Today! 


Perfect for; Youth Groups, Youth Leadership Teams, Scout Groups, Student Councils, Clubs, and any other group/organization of Teens. 

The John Maxwell Leadership Game for Teens is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John Maxwell. The game helps organizations discover their leadership strengths and weaknesses.  The Game is fun and engaging, yet it challenges the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values. 

A Leadership Harbor Coach will work with you and your team and facilitate this game and unpack your strengths and weaknesses.  Contact us today to learn more and schedule your Leadership Game.

Leadership Harbor strives to add value to and serve youth/young adults among all of our other clients.  So much so, that we have a Coach who specializes in this area.  

Contact Chris to learn more about

how you or your youth can unlock

their potential.


TYT Founding Partners

You have the opportunity to be a Partner with LH as we launch our Transformational Youth Team.  

Join us today for changed tomorrow! 

Youth will be Equipped, Inspired, and Empowered to: 

  • Have a positive self-image,

  • Respect themselves & others, 

  • Be a positive influence,

  • Fail forward to Success.


We all win when we invest in our youth.  Your partnership with TYT will help provide materials, supplies, food - because youth love to eat, - and insure that LH can provide the best training and coaching to the youth in our community.  

Join the Global Movement of Transformation in Your Community.  Sponsoring Partners like you or your business are needed to invest in these youth.  If you are interested in more information or you're ready to invest contact Chris Hansen 402-525-0568, or 

April 2020 GYI - 

Elementary-age - we'll be sharing the story "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Kids"

Youth - we have lessons on Communication, Leading Yourself Before You Lead others, and more. 

Email: for more info or to schedule your GYI Event.