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Meeting in an unusual way, both Cale and Chris are glad they've crossed paths and are excited for the road ahead. 

At Leadership Harbor we're all about adding value to others.  In an effort to find ways to continue to support Cale in his journey through and beyond recovery we are going to keep giving.  Our Youth Impact Division is committed to giving a percentage of our Youth Membership Program sales back to Cale this summer.  

Cale just landed his own Leadership Coach to help him identify and pursue his goals and dreams.  If, you or a youth you know is ready to do the same AND wants to help Cale - check out the resources below OR email Chris for a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session or with questions.  Remix (grades 3-5) or Crew Club (Middle & High School) memberships will all help us add value to and help Cale and his family.  Not to mention the impact they will have on your journey as well.  Be intentional with your leadership growth and helping Cale while you're at it! 

The most fun youth will have discovering their best qualities & how to be a World Changer!
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Chris Hansen
Youth Impact Division, Director
Coach, Trainer & Speaker

"Coaching is equipping me to better cope with setbacks & challenges, increase my focus which reduces stress and anxiety and figure out who I truly am."     - Cale

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