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Middle & High School Youth

Navigating the journey of youth is a challenge and adventure all in one.  With a little bit of intentionality you can set yourself apart with our Coaching and Programs.  Take a look below, if you can't find what you're looking for or have questions please email Chris today.

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Crew & Masterclass

From Crew Cohorts to Masterclasses we offer an array of ways for youth to life into their potential and pursue their goals as 

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Coaching is not only for the adults.  30 and 60 minute sessions of Coaching are available for Youth.  Learn more about what Coaching is and how it will work for you through a Complimentary Discovery Session

Class of 2023, Check out GAP Year In The Harbor to help find your next steps, post-High School! 


Learn more about CALM, our Suicide & Bullying Prevention Training Workshop.  Through the Leadership Harbor Foundation we provide this resource at no charge to participants.  

Suicide & Bullying

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We are here for the adults in the lives of youth too.  Check out more info on our Parent & Family page.

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Each April & October we join with fellow John Maxwell Team Members from around the world to provide Free Youth Leadership Lessons through Global Youth Initiative (GYI).  Learn more today. 

Ask us about: 

• Leadership Game for Teens.

• Speaking opportunities for your groups.

• Other trainings customized to you or your groups needs.

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