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Youth & Young Adults

And those who serve them

At Leadership Harbor we value you, youth & young adults (and even those who serve them) so much that we have a Coach just for you.  His specialty is you.  Reach out to Chris if you have any questions or cannot find what you're looking for here. 

As a Youth or Young Adult, it's sometimes hard to find "your place" in this world.  


• Have you found your identity?

• Do you know what you're called and wired to do and be? 

• Do you have goals and dreams that you're pursuing? 

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Youth -

From Coaching to our Crew Clubs,  Transformational Youth Table, or Global Youth Initiative, and more we have things specifically geared towards Elementary, Middle & High School age.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Young Adults -

At key stages in life it's important to pause and think about your next steps.  Coaching, our GAP programs and more are designed to help you take your next steps with purpose. 

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Those Who Serve Them - from Parents to Educators and Youth/Young Adult Workers there are many ways we at Leadership Harbor have to add value to you as you serve or raise Youth & Young Adults.  Check out Think Tanks (Parents & Youth/YA Ministry), Parenting & Families materials, Communication, or a Mastermind.  Find something to address your hurdles or needs. 

Email Chris today. 


CALM  is a Suicide & Bullying Prevention Training Workshop.  So important, this workshop is offered by Leadership Harbor and Individual and Corporate sponsors as complimentary (no charge) and is appropriate for all ages.   Be aware of how to stay calm and save lives.  

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Each April & October free Leadership Events for Youth.  Watch for Oct 2021 Global Youth Initiative information this summer.

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