Sunset Sailboats

Empowering you to realize 

your potential with confidence and influence.



John Maxwell says "Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less."

The coaches at Leadership Harbor help people develop the skills to be more relational and influential in their personal, business, and faith lives. Our Team brings a variety of experiences to help you unlock your true potential- including understanding your personality "wiring", values, and experiences - we offer individual, group, and business coaching, workshops and more. 

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that's

not what ships are built for." 

William Shedd

We help you train in a safe environment - the Harbor - on your way to becoming all you were meant to be. Dream big, and let's start moving forward! 




I have had the pleasure to attend the Discovering Your Potential in Transitions Workshop. I am 76 years old...It's never too late to refresh thinking and create new strategies, at any age!

Leigh, Ex. Dir

This type of coaching has helped us take Foster CARE Closet from a struggling nonprofit to a mature agency serving youth across Nebraska. A significant attribute in my growth as an Executive Director.


I have found that since I have begun taking part in the mastermind discussions, I have been more attuned to the nuances in my communications with others...which I feel has improved relationships both at work and at home.