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Coaching is primarily centered around change, fostering emotional intelligence, and building self-awareness. In a business context, coaching stands in contrast to traditional command-and-control leadership, focusing on the individual as a whole rather than just their role or work-related tasks.

The coaching process is wide-ranging, addressing various challenges that hinder personal and professional growth. This includes overcoming immediate obstacles, boosting confidence, improving personal and professional communication skills, successfully approaching financial freedom, enhancing leadership influence, and crafting a vision and plan for achieving life goals.

Success is often measured quantitatively with hard facts like money, deadlines, and specific numbers. Return on Investment (ROI) follows a similar approach, calculating potential returns before committing. However, coaching focuses on intangibles like culture, mindset, and team dynamics. Its ROI, tied to unlocking potential, becomes evident post-investment, correlating the quality of thinking with subsequent action. While the delayed realization may seem daunting, coaching's transformative power can be addictive.

The LH Coaches

Interested in booking a session? Schedule with one of our clients below!

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Kris Peterson

Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker & DISC Consultant, Working Genius Consultant

Brian P

Brian Peterson

Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker &

Maxwell DISC Consultant

Chris 9_21.JPG

Chris Hansen

Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Youth Impact Division Director

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

Certified Male Leadership Coach,

Trainer, Speaker &

Maxwell DISC Trainer

Dax Howland

Dax Ferguson

Certified Youth Impact Division Coach, Trainer & Speaker

What Our Clients Say

Stacy E.

“My thinking partner is Kris Peterson. I have really enjoyed my relationship with Kris and she has helped me grow as a person and as a professional. I had some hard decisions to make about my career progression so I turned to Kris. Kris asks the tough questions that are thought-provoking and she really listened to responses to then ask even more questions to pull out more information from me. I never thought I'd have a coach but I wouldn't have made a decision so fast without her coaching and through the process I obtained more insight into me!"
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