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Aaron Jones

When COVID struck in the summer of 2020, Aaron was 41 years old, weighed 382 lbs., and carried just over $200,000 in debt. His routine involved long work hours, followed by crashing on the couch for 4-6 hours of TV. Weekends consisted of Bible study and church, with rare engagements in family activities and the remainder of time spent watching TV. Then, during the pandemic, Aaron glimpsed a retirement preview – three weeks of non-stop TV - an unsettling foreshadowing.


In that trial retirement period, Aaron realized he’d been a consumer most of his life. This revelation prompted a yearning in him for better health, financial freedom, meaningful activities, and improved relationships. Aaron is actively learning how to stop settling and how to live an abundant life.


After a year of personal development, Aaron came to a point where he knew if he wanted to grow more, he needed to show others what he was learning. That’s when he joined the Maxwell Leadership Team.


As a Maxwell Leadership Team coach, Aaron seeks to add value to others and help them not settle for a mediocre life.  Aaron’s ideal client is any male who wants to learn how to lead their family and community by modeling an abundant life.

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Aaron Jones

A man who isolates himself seeks his own desires; he fights against all sound judgment.

Proverbs 18:1

More About Aaron!

Since the age of sixteen, Aaron has dedicated his skills to church leadership in various capacities, serving as a church elder, youth ministry leader, camp counselor, and support staff. He's also been involved in Young Life, served as a small group leader, and led men's ministry initiatives. Simultaneously, Aaron's journey in education spans over a decade, beginning in 2010 when he taught Skilled and Technical Science at Waverly High School. In July 2022, he took on the role of Nebraska Department of Education Career Technical & Adult Education Skilled and Technical Science Career Field Specialist.

Aaron's background in both ministry and education has set him on a path with a clear mission: 'To honor God, lead my family, and influence men to rise up and do the same.'

If you're ready to take action and add value to those around you, Aaron would love to talk. Set up your Complimentary Discovery Session.

May you be bold as a lion and gentle as the Lamb!


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Aaron's Upcoming Events

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Men's Group | Monthly Meeting | 4th Wednesday | 7:45am - 9am

Leadership Harbor Learning Center | 5730 R St, Suite C, Lincoln, NE

Discover the transformative power of intentional growth with Growing With Purpose Personal Development Communities.

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Weekly Meeting | Sunday's | 7-8pm

Leadership Harbor Learning Center | 5730 R St, Suite C, Lincoln, NE

A place for men to elevate your skills to lead your family and your community with excellence.

Connect with Aaron

Ready to unlock your potential or schedule a Discovery Session? I'm eager to connect with you!


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