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Step into a world of leadership training where we empower individuals and teams to cultivate the skills essential for effective and well-rounded leadership. Our training programs cover a spectrum of areas, including communication, sales, customer service, and more, providing a thorough approach to leadership development. We believe that a good leader not only motivates and inspires but also plays a pivotal role in the growth of their team. Through our training, individuals and teams learn to align their goals with the organization's broader objectives, ensuring a dynamic and successful leadership journey.

The Leadership Harbor pillars to unlocking potential:

Model the behaviors that align with your goals and expectations, fostering intentionality in both your actions and those of others.

What you focus on expands. Direct your attention intentionally towards actions and behaviors that reflect your core values.

Equip yourself and others with the necessary resources for success, ensuring forward movement and achievement for you, your family, or your team.


Team Culture

Team culture is the heartbeat of organizational success. A leadership coach specializing in team culture transforms your workplace dynamics through tailored training. From instilling core values to strategic planning, leadership development, and optimizing meetings with the Working Genius Assessment, our expert coaching enhances collaboration, productivity, and overall team effectiveness.

Leader Development

Leader development with a leadership coach goes beyond skills—it's about honing your unique strengths, fostering resilience, and cultivating a leadership mindset. Our tailored training for individuals and teams empowers you to navigate challenges, inspire others, and achieve sustainable success.


LIVE2LEAD is an immersive leader development experience meticulously crafted to equip you and your team with transformative insights, practical tools, and invaluable takeaways. Immerse yourself in a day of inspiration and discovery, learning from world-class leadership experts. As you absorb their wisdom, you'll craft a personalized action plan, leaving the event with a renewed sense of passion and unwavering commitment to impactful leadership.


Values are the guiding principles that shape our decisions, actions, and priorities. As Leadership Coaches, we emphasize the transformative impact of understanding and aligning with your values. Delving into your values not only enhances decision-making but also cultivates focus, provides a foundation for strategic planning within teams, and empowers individuals and teams in goal-setting. By integrating values into both personal and professional realms, we create a blueprint for purposeful and successful living.

Youth Impact Division

The Youth Impact Division at Leadership Harbor is your dedicated space for empowering youth and those who influence them, catering to grades 3-5, middle & high school, parents, families, educators, and youth-serving organizations.

For grades 3-5, Crew Club Remix instills values-based leadership in a fun and understandable way, helping young leaders realize their significance and empowering them to make a positive impact.

Middle and high school students can join Crew Club, offering a safe place for training, questioning, and experiencing leadership in a new light. Designed to navigate the challenges of these critical years, Crew Club empowers youth to lead themselves and their peers, fostering confidence and influence for a brighter future. Whether facing the complexities of middle school or pondering post-high school plans, Crew Club guides youth to confidently own their answers, identify goals and dreams, and step into leadership with assurance. Join us in empowering the next generation!

Harbor TREKS

Explore transformative experiences with TREKS by Leadership Harbor – journeys that connect you to growth, achievement, and cherished memories. Whether you choose Guided TREKS, carefully curated and facilitated by our team, or TREKS In A Bag, crafted for your context, these experiences will unlock great potential and create lasting memories.


Guided TREKS offer scheduled adventures, from camping trips to cruises, dreamt up with you, your family, and friends in mind.


Meanwhile, TREKS In A Bag provides ready-to-go adventures for family vacations, friend trips, or holiday gatherings, with options for day treks, vacation treks, and holiday treks. Let the exploration begin!

GPS Spiritual Inventory

GPS is a unique assessment tool that measures the quality of your connection with God, yourself, and others. It blends faith and science to provide a deeper understanding of spirituality. Our training services cater to Christian organizations and ministry workers, offering instruction in Christ-Centered Spiritual Intelligence and how to use the GPS Spiritual Inventory. By deepening spiritual foundations, enhancing emotional health, and fostering empathy, our training helps individuals and organizations grow spiritually and succeed in their mission or business. Contact us to schedule tailored training for your organization!

Speakers Club

Speakers Club offers unique training inspired by John Maxwell himself! Join us weekly to learn from John's live presentations. Our facilitators guide you through practical exercises to boost your communication skills and become a confident speaker. Experience globally acclaimed instruction from John Maxwell and his team, refining your public speaking, message confidence, and presentation skills.

Growing With Purpose

Discover the transformative power of intentional growth with Growing With Purpose Personal Development Communities. Unlike traditional networking groups, our focus is on personal and intentional growth. As John C. Maxwell emphasizes, 'We must learn to better lead ourselves, so we can better lead others.' Each month, our groups gather to cultivate personal growth, fostering positive impacts in home life, friendships, and professional spheres. Anchored in pillars of Personal Growth, Community, and Intentionality, our communities provide the missing piece in your personal development journey. Join us at one of our gatherings and experience the profound difference.


Annual Membership is $150.

Women's Community:

4th Wednesdays of each Month

11:45 AM - 1 PM at Harbor Learning Center

Men's Community:

4th Wednesdays of each month

7:45 AM - 9 AM at Harbor Learning Center


Embrace the power of Mastermind groups, a concept introduced by Napoleon Hill in his classic Think And Grow Rich. The Mastermind principle involves coordinating the knowledge and efforts of individuals working towards a shared purpose in harmony. As a Leadership Coach, we leverage Mastermind groups to provide a dynamic blend of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support. These groups are a catalyst for sharpening leadership skills, fostering success among members.

Parent & Family

We understand the challenges of parenting, even on the best days. Our Parent & Family Training is designed to empower parents and families on the journey of raising responsible adults. Focusing on family values, we guide you in understanding and utilizing these values to shape family goals. Join our supportive parent community, where we learn and grow together through conversations, activities, challenges, and unwavering support. Let's navigate parenthood with confidence and influence.

Young Adults

Embark on a transformative journey with "GAP Year In The Harbor," a program designed for young adults facing the crossroads between high school and college/higher education/starting a career. This gap year offers a constructive time out, providing valuable insights, skills, and leadership lessons to help you make informed decisions about your next steps. Navigate this pivotal moment with confidence and clarity as you prepare for the next exciting chapter in your life.

Financial Freedom

We help guide individuals toward financial wellness, offering services such as Financial Peace classes, personalized debt reduction strategies, and a pathway to financial freedom. Our coaches seamlessly integrate financial empowerment into your leadership journey, ensuring a successful approach to personal and professional goals.

Unlock the potential within you!

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