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Brian P


Brian is “wired” to be a problem solver – he is always wondering - is there a better way?   As a recovering perfectionist, it is the pursuit of excellence that led to becoming Leadership Coach and DISC Consultant with Maxwell Leadership Team and a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach.  It is also valuable to know when “good enough” is good enough.  That is why Brian wants to empower people to clarify what is important, get laser focused, and make better choices to unlock their potential.  He is a non-judgmental person of faith with a desire to become the person that God designed him to be, and he wants the same for you!  

Brian loves to spend time with his wife, Kris, and the family - camping, sailing, watching Nebraska volleyball or movies, and simply, hanging out in his favorite room - their back porch.

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My Story

I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, but have lived most of my life in Lincoln. I started out my career as an engineer, serving as a rubber chemist for over 33 years.  Hiding behind a computer was easy but lacked real meaning – I became a lay pastor for about 11 years which gave me opportunity to not only grow and share my faith, but more importantly to grow in appreciation of people.  The dual career of engineer/pastor led to several growth opportunities and promotions.  I joined Maxwell Leadership in 2015.  In my professional world, I experienced a deficiency in true leadership skills – because leadership is about people, not just the process, as that is simply management.  Both are needed.  Management may bring success, but leadership always brings greater success, and often adds significance.  An introvert at heart, I love personal growth so much that I may convince you I am an extrovert!

What I'm Doing: 

Always - Coaching

Monthly -  Growing With Purpose.

October 6 - Live2Lead VIP Event 

October 25 - Financial Peace University - 7-8 PM Virtual over nine weeks. 

November 3 - Live2Lead

November 27/30 - 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth - Let's Work on Four! 4-week Mastermind Groups - In Person & Virtual options.

November 28/29 - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - Let's Study Four! 4-week Mastermind Groups In Person & Virtual options.

ContacT Brian

If you're ready to pursue your potential or book a Discovery Session I can't wait to talk with you. 


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