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Kris is a Leadership, Parenting, Family & Youth Coach and an Executive Director with Maxwell Leadership Team.  As a coach, she believes in empowering people to realize their potential with confidence and influence. Kris began her coaching career 14+ years ago as a church coach, helping congregations to develop their ministries and missions.  In the process she realized she needed a better way to teach people how to be leaders.  Since then, she has used her training in Maxwell Leadership to help people lead themselves and others more intentionally and discover true significance in their personal and professional lives.

As a ML Executive Director learn even more about what Kris can offer.

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What I'm Doing: 

Always - Coaching 

Monthly - Growing With Purpose

Sept - Nov - Fall Speakers Club Mondays 3:30 PM - 4:50 PM, Beginning September 11

October 6 - Live2Lead VIP Event 

November 3 - Live2Lead

ContacT kris

If you're ready to pursue your potential or book a Discovery Session I can't wait to talk with you. 

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