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Be Clear!

This month as I share with you in these weekly writings I want to go a little deeper on my word for the year; “Be”, and offer some perspective I believe will be valuable to you and the youth in your life. Let’s dive in…

When it comes to working with youth - whether that’s in a classroom or youth room, or that’s raising them in your home - one thing is for sure - clear communication is key to less stress, more getting done and building stronger relationships.

There are many levels to truly understanding communication but I think we first must look in the mirror and begin to understand how we are wired to communicate with those around us. Once we understand the things that make us go we can more intentionally interact with those around us. I think when we take time for both we lower the stress and undue frustration in our lives, homes and work.

Communicating with our youth can be a challenge. Just like us adults, they’re pulled in

various directions - their own thoughts, school work, screens, and beyond. So, it’s often hard to get their attention and when we do, make sure that they’re getting the messages we lay down. Honest, non-yelling, and frequent conversations I believe are the key to clearly communicating.

I’ve come across more than a few “ah-ha” moments working with youth and adults when we look at things through the lens of DISC, a great tool to help us understand our (and others) communications styles. We’re not all wired the same, so why would we expect communication styles to work the same with everyone?

Go Be Clear and,

Make it a great day,


PS if you’d like to learn more about DISC or other ways you can get Clear I’d love to visit with you, set up a Complimentary Discovery Session (insert link: today.

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