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Become a Financial Person, Others RESPECT

What is the deciding factor between two equally talented people in the area of finance? Is it who can make you the most money, the one who offers you the most security or something

else? Is it about respecting them for their talents or is it who respects you and your wishes most? The best answer is probably some combination of these depending upon your attitude about money. However, the deciding factor will probably be the one that you respect the most, because they respect you, your wishes, and will help you achieve your dreams in retirement. The same applies even for areas outside the financial realm - and all the aspects of our lives, if we respect others, they will respect us. Be the one that respects first, and you will have more respect than most.

If you are interested in getting your finances in order, and want some expert help from a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Workshop, Leadership Harbor is hosting one starting Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 630pm; here’s the link to sign up:

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