• sevnspero

Closing The GAP

There are gaps in life. We all encounter them. From staying at home or daycare to preschool. Single to dating. Elementary school to middle school. Not having to having an email account. Middle to High School. Getting a first job. Married. And so much more. Oh, I almost forgot the most important one, at least for our conversation today. The GAP between High School and whatever comes next.

The assumption is typically a high school grad will walk the stage in the Spring and right onto a college campus in the fall. There is nothing wrong with this plan for some, but there is something wrong with us assuming this is the next best step for freshly minted graduates. So, what can we do?

Well, first it’s important to remember that of the students who take a GAP Year, 90% return within a year, and are more likely than their peers to graduate on time and with better grades. Next, it’s key we start as early as possible helping youth/young adults do a few things:

  • Identify their why. Not ours or someone else's but their own. </