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Don't Stop!

The other day I came across a quote that caused me to pause, think and then decide to pass it on to you!

When you stop growing, so do the people around you.” Carey Nieuwhof

Woah, pump the brakes. I have the choice to grow or not - but either impacts more than just


When it comes to youth - maybe you have them in your home, or you encounter them in other places of your community. Let me say something they need you to hear. Maybe they won’t openly admit it, but then again maybe they would.


If we don’t they’ll find other ways, but what is modeled for them - growth or the lack of - is what they’ll gravitate towards first. So, in a world where they’re already feeling lost, confused and stressed let’s make one piece a little bit easier.

As we continue to grow it will make the choice for them to invest in their own personal growth that much easier. There are two weeks left in 2022 - what is your plan for what you’ll model in the personal growth department as the New Year hits?

Make it a Great Day,


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