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Everything Worthwhile is ….. Uphill

If there’s one thing, one action, that has kept me going on the road to reaching a certain

level of financial independence, it is persistence. It is for this reason that we recognize that we have to push a little bit more and/or a little bit longer because, as one of my favorite mentors says, “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” I find this so true. And when I first studied Think and Grow Rich in 2018 with another of my mentors, Paul Martinelli, he followed the introductory lesson of Think and Grow Rich with Chapter 9 on Persistence. Now as a somewhat rule oriented person, I was intrigued with the benefits of changing the system. Paul challenged the attendees to read it daily, for 10 days straight, I did. I saw the advantage to putting a study of Persistence early, to build the correct model for this in-depth study of thinking and growing toward riches.

My conclusion: If one really, really wants to become rich financially, there must be a significant level of persistence that one must have or develop. In the field of personal financial coaching, I frequently experience people with a hope strategy. There is a greater amount of “hope” to their plan than to follow the Dave Ramsey Baby Step methods.

Believe in the process. Believe in yourself. Persist and you will, as Dave often says, “Live like no one else; and then live and give like no one else.”

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