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Financial Persistence

Consider your list of financial successes. Which one means the most to you? If you are

anything like me, the greatest financial success, the one or ones that you are most proud of are ones that you had to put in the extra effort in order to attain. The word for that is persistence. And if you remember, this is the first chapter I wanted to share with you when we started this lane study on TAGR, or Think and Grow Rich. If you have a strong desire to reach financial freedom, then persistence is one of the most important words in your vocabulary, and even an emotion in your life. Persistence is going the extra mile. Doing that which others are unwilling to do. If you have persevered in this manner, then you have an idea of what is necessary. And if you have done it once, you can do it again. Hopefully, this short message has encouraged you to dig a little deeper, and make it happen! Best to you!

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