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Freedom? Or Debt?

What is Independence Day to you? Is it a family day? Yard work day? Lazy day? Do you

realize that we are nearing 250 years of our Independence from England.

(Side note: We are currently at 247 years of Independence, having started in 1776. Additional note - Have you experienced the musical, Hamilton? If you have the Disney channel, I highly recommend watching the movie?)

We typically operate day-to-day either through love or fear. Even when it comes to money, we operate through love or fear. We can live in freedom or debt. We either own what we do, or we owe someone else for that which we cannot wait to have.

It’s a choice. We can choose to live within our means; and we have the the freedom to choose to buy more than we can comfortably afford to impress people that do not care about us, because we fear what they think.

What other people think of you is none of YOUR business.

We also have the freedom to buy what we can afford, so that we can afford more of what we want that is more important to us.

If you are struggling with living paycheck to paycheck or there is more month at the end of your money, let’s have a chat about what it would be like to NOT live this way.

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