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Have You Ever Gotten Close…..Only to Quit?

If all you had to do was Think (and you would Grow Rich), what thinking do you think is needed to expand your financial success?

“Thoughts are powerful things.” That’s exactly how Think and Grow Rich starts out. And it goes on to say, when it is mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire, riches or other material objects are likely to result.

One of the most common causes of failure is quitting early. Three feet from Gold is a story

that may fit many of us…..the actual story is about R.U. Darby and his uncle who truly caught the “gold fever in the gold rush days. The challenge is, when we hit obstacles, and we often will, we must decide whether these temporary defeats are going. In the case of R.U. Darby and his uncle - they hit gold, for a while, then it ended. They kept drilling, to no avail. They sold out; and the person that bought their claim employed expert counsel, and took millions of dollars in ore from the mine.

While R.U. Darby and his uncle missed out on the gold mine, R.U. Darby was later able to apply the principles in the business of selling life insurance.

Where do you see your Thinking could use an extra boost? Is it to get started, keep going, or to rethink the larger vision? You can do this all on your own, and I want to offer a caution statement. If you have already been dealing with this issue for several months (or longer), your time can be better spent investing in a thinking partner (coach) who specializes in asking the questions to get you to your end goal that much faster!

Another option - If you are wanting more than this brush through, ask for more information about a masterclass to go deeper.

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