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How Do You Compare to the Jones’?

Why do we care so much about the Jones’ (sorry if your last name is Jones)? Why do so

many of us feel that we need to look at the size of house that our neighbors have or that they just purchased another new car and then think so poorly of ourselves, our house or our cars? Does looking at their car make you like your car less today than yesterday? If you really want to trade your hard earned cash, or worse, get a loan for a car at today’s rates, then do it! If you like your paid-for car, then appreciate that you are putting your money toward things that matter even more than a car. When it comes to the comparison game - Look for the good in your financial situation, not where you can criticize yourself! I know, I’ve done it to myself as well, usually, it is because I am down about something else, but when I am feeling good about myself, there’s no reason I want to criticize myself, so that I can feel bad about myself again. We call this our Circle of Control - Best part is = You always get to choose!

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