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How Much Money Will You Need to be Satisfied & Successful, Financially?

How much accumulation of money will you need to be satisfied with the obtainment of

money? Before we go too far, do you realize that riches cannot always be measured in money? I do love the phrase that does recognize that money is almost as important as oxygen. Money and material possessions are necessary for freedom of body and mind, but you cannot take it with you when you die. And any statement on your tombstone regarding money certainly leaves a shallow idea of importance compared to the effect of lasting friendships, warm and friendly family relationships, and at least some empathy and understanding from business associates.

Back to the question - do you have a number with which you will be satisfied or at least an adequate description of what that amount means to you? I want to emphasize that the answer cannot be “more.” There is always going to be a bigger number that equates to more…..more is never realized.

If you need help clarifying this, I know some financial representatives that can assist with that number; and I can sit down with you to add value to the clarification statement. Stay tuned as we are going to touch on the thirteen principles to wealth found in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

What could it mean to be satisfied, financially; and yet provide more value?

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