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I am Going to Work Until I Die

At what age do you plan to retire? Or are you living paycheck to paycheck and just plan on working until you die? Are you working in a job that won’t become obsolete before you die

retire? Of course, if this is the thought process you have, then you have stopped reading by now, if you were even reading this in the beginning. The Covid times have contributed to some inventory challenges, increases in inflation, and thus an increase in the cost of living. Many that gave up meat for Lent, may be continuing in order to cut costs. Financial pressure may lead to making some different decisions. Keep the four walls of your financial picture set: food, utilities, housing, and transportation. And if you want to talk further, contact Brian, your friendly Dave Ramsey Financial Consultant. Start with a complimentary Discovery Session.

If you are interested in getting your finances in order, and want some expert help from a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Workshop, Leadership Harbor is hosting one starting Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 630pm; here’s the link to sign up:

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