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In The Next Six Months...

As an employer or Team manager, this thought should not be scary to consider. It shouldn’t make your stomach queasy.

Let’s add an additional thought...

In the next six months, what challenges and obstacles can you forecast that you can see your team is not currently resourced to overcome or that may test their weak points?

Is your team beginning to come back together in the workplace? What will that look like? How will people work together now that they are all face-to-face? How has their method of communication altered during the pandemic?

Maybe your team will continue to be working remotely…

In the next six months, what opportunities can you forecast that you can see your team is not fully resourced to take advantage of and leverage for the entire team’s highest good?

What does the communication look like? Just email? Zoom/Video Chat? Conference Call? People behave differently when the energy of others is in the room. People also behave differently when it is only their own energy in the room.

Whatever your answers to these questions, let’s talk about your team’s communication.

By the way… The Huffington Post recently reported that companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profits. Just thought you’d like to know.

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