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Let's Get REAL

I know an engineer, Ryan, that greeted one of his buddies, who worked in a cubicle close by Adam. They talked briefly; nothing earth shattering or particularly special, just some chatting, and catching up from the weekend activities. After lunch, Ryan was heading to a meeting, and wondered where Adam was? Adam was supposed to be going to the meeting as well.

Ryan stopped by the engineering manager’s desk for a moment to find out who was leading the meeting - the manager or Ryan. It turns out the engineering manager’s wife was on her way to the hospital with their son. Ryan simply said, “Go. I’ve got the meeting.”

Once in the conference room, Ryan discovered Adam’s grandfather had passed away that morning. I know this isn’t a regular situation, but the point is - you just never completely know what is going on in most people’s lives, nor how much life changes in a few hours.

Once we become aware of situations, we can: 1) Choose to forget about it - since it doesn’t directly affect us; or 2) We can show we care. Hint: It should be about the people and building relationships.

Welcome 2021. Does it feel different to you? We’re still hearing about rigged elections with no supporting data. Still having black people shot by white people. Protests turning violent by one side or the other. And if we just complain or tweet that the Covid vaccine isn’t getting shipped fast enough - that will make it all better - Won’t it?! Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to suggest that one person, side, color, political party, shipping company, or anyone for that matter, has an underwear snuggie going on that is preventing us from pulling up our big girl panties and doing something!. Let’s get REAL about building relationships.

REAL is an acronym which stands for Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership. I could go on a while to fully explain REAL. For now, we’ll do the brief version.

If you want:

  • great relationships;

  • more than basic training to increase your earning potential;

  • people wanting to be around because you brighten the room when you walk in - and not when you walk OUT...

  • to make a difference leading people (because the best leaders serve and equip) not expecting them to serve you

then this requires a simple choice. You have to be INTENTIONAL.

Becoming intentional means, you take the INTENT and you put actTION behind it; that gives you INTENTIONAL And if you want long lasting success in all the areas mentioned - Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership, and even more - then you want to get better at LIVING INTENTIONALLY.

Want to unpack this more? Reach out to us. We want you to be empowered to achieve your potential with confidence and influence - intentionally.

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