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The Three Steps to Having Lots of Money

If you really want to make a lot of money, there’s just three things you want to know to do it

well and to do it right. The three things are simple, but they are not that easy to do. In fact, they are so easy, you are likely to disregard them before even getting started. And before I share with you what they are, let's be clear as to why they are not easy. They are not easy because they require effort. Effort even when faced with difficulties and rejection. If you want to make a lot of money, the first thing to do is to decide an exact amount of money. If you want more money, but don’t have an exact amount, you will lose sight of what you are after. Second, imagine what it would feel like to have this amount of money. When you can imagine it enough to see it and feel it, your mind will cause you to do those things that will bring that amount of money to you. And third, treat everyone you meet along the way as if they had what you want. Treat them with respect, learn from them as to what drives them and their desires. At this moment, you may see how simple these actions are, but over time, you will discover they are not necessarily easy.

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