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TRUST - The Bedrock (Foundation) of my Relationship

It is in the book, Winning with People by John Maxwell that I learned the simplest

foundational perspectives on trust, which is necessary to have and build any relationship. As I look at the relationships that I have had, and consider the single most important factor, it is always going to be trust - not leadership, value, partnership, etc. When the amount of trust was limited, I had a shallower relationship.

Trust is the framework of a successful relationship. It determines the height and depth of the relationship. Even the success of the most critical military teams is built on the foundation of trust.

Trust begins with myself. If I cannot be honest with myself, then I cannot be depended on to be honest with others.

Trust It cannot be compartmentalized. If I do not consider someone trustworthy in one area, I will struggle with trust in other areas.

The question I must ask myself” Am I a trustworthy person?

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