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What Could Be? Making A Change

My word for 2023 is “Experiences”. Because this is my focus word, I will be applying it to my personal life and my professional life. The goal is that I will grow personally by looking for the opportunities to live into and create experiences.

Growth objectives are not about outcome or material gain. It’s more about who you can

become. What could be?

For Leadership Harbor, the phrase, “What Could Be?” is the focus of our activities, events and team growth.

Between the two, what do I need to change/take action on to fully embrace these focus ideas? Leadership Harbor is beginning with a new concept! Harbor TREKS. Experiences (Look! Here's my word!) Outside the Box


Teachable - Be Teachable

Relationships - Grow Relationships

Experiences - Build Experiences

Know Yourself - Know Yourself & Your Possibilities

Steps Forward - Steps in Preparation & Going Forward

These are fun, leadership learning opportunities that create an environment of growth WITH experiences! More info on Harbor TREKS here. For now, this is an example of how we are leaning into our focus for 2023.

Want to unpack your focus? Let’s set up a complimentary Discovery Session. Join the journey!

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