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Why Change my Cream of Wheat?

One of my standard breakfast options is Cream of Wheat. Some people like oatmeal - that’s ok, but only if you add a fair amount of brown sugar sprinkled on the top - ooooh, when it melts in - now that’s pretty tasty! There are other hot cereals - I just am not a fan of those “flavors.”

The Question…. name brand or the store brand?

Once, when picking up some groceries, I decided to consider whether it was worth spending the extra money for the name brand or to try out the store brand? How much am I saving per bowl of cereal anyway? It couldn’t be much, ……but it adds up. Anyway, that’s not the point today.

What I remember most about the change from name brand to store brand was that the store brand had a different flavor. The difference seemed bad. At least it seemed bad on an emotional level. Another thing, the store brand didn’t come in a box, it came in a bag. A bag is obviously less expensive than cardboard box packaging. And now that I’ve purchased this cereal, I needed to eat it - at least until I decided that I hate it. By the end of the bag, I had grown to accept the taste. It was different, but that didn’t make it bad. I had no reason to suggest to myself that spending more for the name brand cereal offered any advantage.

Fast forward several years, we are in the middle of the pandemic, and it just makes sense to order groceries and pick them up. We avoided going into stores unless necessary. And it is a fairly substantial time savings. Guess what instant hot cereal I got with the grocery order. Yep - the name brand. Maybe they were out of their store brand? Can you guess how it tasted? Yep - different! And guess what, I don’t like it. (LOL) Well, I have become accustomed to the flavor of the store brand that the name brand was different. Nevertheless, I am adjusting; and eating through it.

Change Is Hard…

Isn’t that how we react to a lot of “change” situations? We don’t like it on some emotional level. It may not be “our” idea (very similar to “tastes” different). We may need to mull the idea over for a time. Maybe the idea (and the change) is not so bad after all? Maybe we can get used to it? Maybe we’ll even like the idea better over time?

When we change the way we look at things, the way we look at things changes.

Wayne Dyer

Change doesn’t have to be for the bad. Think of when you began walking instead of crawling. Or when you learned to drive - Change is good when we want it. That means it's a matter of choice. What change are you trying to get used to today?

What kind of results are you looking for in YOUR life?

You already know that you will never get better results by doing things the same way.

You will never CHANGE your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your SUCCESS is found in your DAILY ROUTINE. John C Maxwell

And if you want to achieve those results faster, let’s sit down over a cup of coffee, and see what that looks like FOR YOU.

Be Well My Friends!


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