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Are You a Planner, or Do You Prefer to “Wing It?”

What do you do if you are not a planner? Is it ok to “wing it?” This is a tough question for

me because I like to make a plan and spread out the work, taking into consideration the rest of the schedule and desired time off. Then again, I know there are those who prefer to procrastinate until the looming deadline forces the action. There are definitely all kinds of people. Consider when and how often has the procrastination method produced less than desirable results? If not often enough to matter, then maybe there’s nothing to be concerned about; however, if you are wondering how much better you could be, then maybe there’s more to it. If you are absolutely positive that some organized planning would benefit you , then take the next step! In Think and Grow Rich, organized planning is the sixth step to achieving what you desire most. Everything a person creates or acquires begins with Desire, and getting there in an effective, if not also efficient manner requires a plan. If you would like assistance with making the plan, you can enlist the help of friends and family, or a professional, a coach, a trained “thinking partner.” Give me a call to have the Discovery Session, and let’s decide if we are a good fit for each other.

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