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aROI of Coaching - You Can’t Measure Ideas

There are 7 measurements we use to assist coaching clients in measuring their Coaching ROI. aROI is one of them.

I know that without coaching, I wouldn’t be able to say, “We have a training center (we call it

a Learning Center). What was once only a dream, is a reality. Is it the perfect end picture? Nope. Only because after we achieved it, we learned more about what we would use it for and how we would get better in our space. Then we take that learning back to our thinking partners (aka Coaches) and by expressing it, answering questions we hadn't thought about, and THINKING, we gain clarity and vision of what could be.

Ok - so this is a good example, Kris. Then what? Just thinking about it doesn’t make it reality…

You are absolutely right! You can’t measure ideas.

Trainings and conferences can motivate and inspire, but is the investment (money & time) worth it?

We have to measure the application … the action taken based on what we learned The aROI (Action Return on Investment). Action occurs once clarity about the next step is gained. What could your aROI be on coaching? Let’s chat. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.

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