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Be Intentional!

This month as I share with you in these weekly writings I want to go a little deeper on my word for the year; “Be”, and offer some perspective I believe will be valuable to you and the youth in your life. Let’s dive in…

We’ve talked this month about;

  • Be You - understanding our why and values and how it’s key to identify those things to live into our true potential.

  • Be Clear - communicating clearly is key to so many things in our life and those around us.

  • Be Seated - making time both to think through our own goals AND for getting ourselves a Coach.

As we wrap up this week I want to focus on our intentionality. It’s one thing to read and ponder these things, it’s a new level when we do something about it. So, my challenge to you, and the youth in your life - what are you going to do? Think about it for a moment. Jot it down on a post-it note if needed. Got it?

Now, it’s time for action - when are you going to do it?

Be Intentional and,

Make it a great day,


P.S. Let's grab a Complimentary Discovery Session ((insert link:

so we can find your next best steps forward in intentionality today.

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