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Be Seated!

This month as I share with you in these weekly writings I want to go a little deeper on my word for the year; “Be”, and offer some perspective I believe will be valuable to you and the youth in your life. Let’s dive in…

Please, Be Seated. There are two quick approaches I want you to take and then to share and

encourage your youth to do the same. The first is to simply find a time when you can sit down with little distractions and just Be with your own thoughts. Write down what comes to mind - maybe it’s the day’s to-do list or bigger the goals you aspire to achieve for you, your family, business or youth. Just Be Seated and start jotting them down.

The second is I want you to find a time to grab a seat with a coach. And if you have a middle or high school youth in your home, help them find a way to do the same. All of us need someone to ask the key questions to pull out the things we’re not clearly seeing in ourselves AND to hold us accountable to going after what we want to go after.

Sitting down and making yourself (and your youth) a priority when it comes to your leadership growth is important. The best time to do it is today. What are you waiting…be seated and get your game plan together, your future self, and that of the youth in your life will say thank you!

Be seated and,

Make it a great day,


P.S. If you're ready for that next step let’s sit down for a Complimentary Discovery Session. (insert link:

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