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Change Happens

It doesn’t seem to matter how much we plan or try to control our lives - change just happens. Most of the time it’s a rather natural occurrence - expected even. Looking back over the past 5 years, I’ve had some very natural changes that I knew might happen some day - like gaining a son-in-law, becoming a grandmother, etc - and some not as expected - like losing a job and starting Leadership Harbor, the pandemic and quarantine. These are transitions in my life. Sometimes I handle them well - other times…. Well, let’s just go with I am learning to handle them better all of the time.

Purpose + Values + Wiring = X

We each have the ability to control our responses (Circle of Control) to transitions. Understanding our core purpose - Yes! Everyone has purpose! - and values helps us make decisions with confidence, even when the decision is difficult. We are intricately and wonderfully made with amazing strengths! Continuing to build awareness about who we are helps us to identify and see a vision of where we are headed with clarity. Vision is our X. It is built on our desired significant life and the legacy we want to leave in this world.

The Concept is Easy

Taking the time to figure out the pieces of the formula can seem daunting. It requires thinking and evaluating ourselves at a deeper level. That can be hard. Unless…… we have a roadmap. The good news is, we do! There are resources and people that can lead us through that challenging thought process. It isn’t a magic bean that gets you everything you’ve ever wanted. Everything worthwhile is uphill - as my friend, John, likes to say. And he’s right. If it comes too easy, we are not going to value our life for what it is worth.

Sure. I’d like some things to come a bit easier than they have/do. Yet what I know is that in the end, I will feel greater significance because I put effort into it. I will have something even more valuable.

Change happens. We can’t stop it. Fighting it doesn’t seem to work. Transitioning through the changes? Now that’s something we can do. This is something I believe in so passionately, I’ve put together a workshop to help anyone see great value in themselves; find great confidence in making decisions; and setting a course for living life - the good and the bad - to its fullest. If that’s something you’d like in your life, reach out to me. I offer the workshop multiple times a year. The next one is just around the corner. I’d love for you to join me.

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