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By John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins

I heard about John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins book Change Your World at the 2020 Live2Lead. The idea of transforming the world around us especially after all of the negativism of 2020 was captivating.

I have been a fan of John Maxwell for years and in fact, that is how I met Kris Peterson. We were both at the Harbor Coffeehouse. As she passed by me, I saw she had a John Maxwell book. I started talking to her and the rest is history in the making. Thank you John for that.

What can I do?

We often see a need in the lives of others and become overwhelmed with the feeling “What can I do”. This paralyzes us.

John and Rob relate story after story of people who we have never heard of making an impact on the lives of others. People who saw a need and made up their minds to help. They in turn found others who wanted to help and transformation was started.

Let me re-emphasize that.

It started with ONE person who saw a need. That person became passionate about becoming a catalyst for change. Their passion drew others who teamed up to become catalysts. The ripple effect had begun. Each life they changed in turn, changed another and another. That ONE person will never know how many lives they changed because they saw a need and acted.

John has often said that there is usually not just one answer to a problem but many. Are you willing to work to find an answer to a problem when you see one? The interesting thing is that in changing the world around you, you are forever changed.

Thank you John and Rob. Your Change Your World gives us examples, outlines and resources to help us in our journey to change our world.

Jody Fayman

Certified Financial Coach

PS There is a free event called a Transformation Table based on the book Change Your World. Check it out and let us know if you’d like to start transforming your world today.

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